This page will be my Dictionary: here I list main keywords and the meaning I associate with them. Since I am not a native english speaker, I may be wrong, so thanks for comment helping fall back on tracks when required. But please also understand that some techno jargon still have a fuzzy meaning. For those cases, we may have to agree that we disagree.

  • Multithreading: using multiple threads within the same application. Threads may executing the same list of instructions or a different list or a mix of both.
  • Thread: context within which a sequence of instructions is executed. The context is normaly expressed as a CPU context and tycally consists of the current values of (most of) all CPU registers. A thread is in a given state, usually either active(i.e. executing instructions) or sleeping (i.e. not executing any instructions)
  • Multicore: type of microprocessor containing more than one execution unit. Modern processors contains between 2 and 8 execution unit.
  • Hyperthreading: ability to have more than one thread active on a single core. Supported only by Intel processors as of today, implementation relies on multiple set of registers and by interleaving execution of both threads. The obtained boost in execution speed greatly depends on the cache miss of the program: if the program is efficient, hyperthreading will degrade performance significantly!
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